8/11/13 A Year Together

I wonder what it would’ve been like
If we met last year
Me in my prime
Less confused, a little more confident
You, single and simple
a smiling and shining beauty

Both looking for new friends
scared and alone I can’t believe we didn’t meet
If at this point in time we already knew each other
had a year to grow together
Would we be friends?
Maybe we wouldn’t have made it a year
Had a falling out
Maybe we’d be even more

Certain things need to stay mysteries
Because this seems to be the way
it was meant to be
Both of us working it out now
Learning and growing
Me, past my prime
but so close to something new

You, holding yourself over me
Keeping me waiting and thinking
Moving as you will
On your own will
I have no control as it should be
Independant and perfect

We’ll keep this going
Step along together
Maybe not on the same path
Just as I’ve planned.


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