3/11/13 Please cry for Help

dealing with bad moods is sort of my job
well actually more of a life choice I didn’t choose
lucky for you because if you need help I can be there
whatever you need me for
someone to talk to, beat up on, a shoulder to cry on
Helping you will help me too.
Because it hurts to see you this bad.
See a happy face so distraught.
When you feel bad I feel it too.

Please don’t deal with depression by yourself.
There are so many people
waiting to help you
wanting to help you
The world cares what happens to you
Even if you don’t care for yourself
You’ll strive, feel better soon.
We can be your small distraction
The joke that puts a smile back on your face
We can give you the company
You thought you were better without

If you need someone you are not alone
If you need help please give me the word
I’ve been waiting for it.


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