2/11/13 The Psychologist Said

We’ll figure everything out.
Life is just a series of events
We can track. I can learn everything about you.
These problems you have stem from something
That stem is the one we need to find
and nurture, take care of
because its been broken and buried somewhere
dark in your life.

The world is more complicated than you previously thought.
You are so much more deep and complex than you thought
Which is strange, kind of a paradox.
You take your fear and turn it into excitement.
You take uncomfortable situations and create experiments.
You take emotions and forget them,
They create your problems.
This is what we need to fix.
You need to express.

You think and analyze so much
That we’re going to need you to analyze to feel.
Think when, where and why,
You must think to be normal,
to express what everyday people feel.
Write notes in your journal
with stats, graphs and time indicators.
Your life is experimental.

(Your emotions broke through finally
Which just terrified and threw you.
Your life ended up as a weird art piece
All juxtaposed and askew.
What you never used to feel now overwhelms you
in everyday life. You don’t really understand
your own brain. One day things will get better,
but not today at the side of the road.)

Your experience sounds terrifying.
Your life is a bloody mess
of physical, mental and emotional issues.
But your brain is fascinating
Able to analyze and know every step of the way.
That the way it acts is wrong.
You don’t get to be right anymore,
You can’t physically do it.

See me again before you start.
I want to be sure its the right step.
Talk to more people,
Let yourself be open and free,
(I never thought the problem
would be people being scared)
Be honest about how you feel.



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