30/10/13 Mid-Life Crisis Band

I can see us getting back together
No not like a couple
Getting the boys back together
and starting a band
That no one wants to hear
“Make the music you want to hear”

Just like the old times
We’d start it to impress the girls
Dress up like idiots
none of us matching
Complete opposites
in music and personality

At least we’d be together again
Hoping to make it big and quit our day jobs
Although first we’d have to get jobs
Get fans, play shows, then sell out
Maybe learn how to play some music along the way

In the end we’d probably have nothing to show for it
Other than a few files in our iTunes
A pile of burned CD’s
And barely used recording equipment
We’d give up like always
But one day, one of us would get the great idea
To get the band back together


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