29/10/13 Don’t dread the End

As my hopes dwindled and died
Changed in infections and diseases I relaized it must be time to give up
To fade away slowly in this hospital bed
It was time to accept it all march on through the glowing gate
baked in fire and brimstone
trumpets and clouds
My final hour had struck

The world had taught me much
but nothing to prepare for it all to stop
We think it will just be like going to sleep for the last time
But when you know your eyes won’t open again
It’s hard to imagine where you’ll end up
The body, mind, and spirit, where do they all end up
except in a hole in the ground

Hell and heaven is what we are taught about
ghosts, spirits, and zombies seem to be the fantasy
but I dream of pergutory
the ultimate neutrality and normality
No extremes, steepest highs or deepest lows
don’t dream big or shoot for the stars
because what if you end up

in a hospital bed
wondering what you could’ve done instead.


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