27/10/13 Lost Sheep

The sheep need to be careful that they are not lead by a poor sheperd
While the leaders need to look out for their sheep
when they lead hundreds its hard to save the troubled few

The world seems to split at some unknown time
where people decide who they are, who they’re with and what they’re
going to do with themselves. I just find it strange that some people choose
dependence on others. Whether it’s just a simple idea or a final
life changing choice it seems some people need that direction
that they can only get from another person.

We can find these people at the bottoms of food chains
followers of a religion, seeking only it’s rules to live by
members of a gang, growing up in it because they didn’t see another choice
druggies, nerds, jocks, popular kids, everyone knows one and sees one
everyday, the person who changed themselves so they could be with others

They might not like themselves but others do
if thats what matters to them who am I to judge
I am myself, with my different point of view
My original and own thoughts
Doing what I choose and leading those
who need it, trying to burst them out of their shell
So when I am gone, they can lead themselves.


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