25/10/13 Love Loneliness

As the night comes to an end
I’ve decided to stay home
Away from the noise of the bar across the street
I’ve settled by myself
Put on some music
Lit a few candles
Took some time to think and relax

Embrace the loneliness
Comfort from your own noise
Remember the things you’ve learned about yourself
The activities you’ve forgotten and indulge
Indulge in them because you can’t be judgemental
of yourself, move the way you want
be the way you want
Because when the world isn’t watching
You can remember how you want to be

A night away from everything and everyone
is a necessity for many of us
Even away from sleep
because we all need to get to know ourselves
Become comfortable enough to ask
Is this really who you are?
And remember what you want to be
But just be sure to keep that part of you
To yourself


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