I should be studying
but my brain won’t shut the fuck up
about how this is what I want to do
How this is what I should be doing
Writing is the thing I understand
It’s simple and easy
Just hit a couple keys or scribble a few lines
So it doesn’t stop, the lines go on and on
and my brain keeps writing faster than the hands can

But eventually I can stop
and rememeber the real world doesn’t need this
How can a couple words create peace
clean the streets
Give me enough income to support a family
No one wants to read a man’s thoughts everyday
No one makes a life by sitting
in their pyjamas, at a desk
typing, typing, typing

So I’ve gone to school
Gotten my degree
to write
WRITE what I was writing
before the fifty thousand dollars
before my parent’s almost disowned me
before I had to deal with all the
stress, anxieties and people
that I didn’t need

The world has created this strange environment
Where you can’t do what you want
without a slip of paper
and even with that
There’s some things you can’t accomplish
You just can’t do
Fame is what I’m talking about but it isn’t what I want
I just want to write
and live
But I need pieces of paper
To get pieces of paper
to afford the necessities in life

Happiness is what everyone wants
and happiness only comes in a few forms
Whether for you that is pieces of paper
or people or perfection
There are only a couple paths you can take to it


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