22/10/13 The Back Lot

Quickly, we would walk home together
Slowly we became friends
As the days passed we had traditions
Unspoken but clearly in place
We tore up dirt and built our grounds
We took the back lot and created a playground
Nature became ours and the world had more stories

The group of friends we came to know
Knew almost no one else
and our ways were alien to them
But alien in the most magnificent way
like we made the pyramids and they worshiped our acts
We just lived how we wanted
Had fun the easiest ways
enjoyed what was given to us
Because it was thrown away by others

We had laws and rules, secrets and passwords
we shared and connected
each walk brought us closer to home
until we all had to split
we left what we knew
because we had to learn more
We had to leave what was comfortable
It’s what happen with everyone
We became different people
Who didn’t see each other anymore

But we can go back to our home
and see the burned scars we left
each with a story about our friends
The piles of rubble and twisted metal
All a show of the times we had
like picture frames of memories
We will always be there together
In the back lot by the train tracks
The place we met and grew
and created so much


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