22/10/13 Open invitiation

Open invitations
are a curious thing
Who sees them?
Who cares about them?
Who makes them?

Why is it that every time an opportunity presents itself the human body reacts in the worst way
Cramps up, gets nervous and moves on
Ignoring the chance for a new experience, a friend
Another missed opportunity

The invitations seem to sit for hours
made by who?
Well it all matters how it’s written, where it’s posted and who he should really be asking instead
The boy is just too shy
The man is too scared
The bachelor is just bored
It seems the invitation can mean so many things
But sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to get out of the house
Meeting someone with similar interests

Normally the invitation just goes unanswered
and the poor tortured soul sits inside
in the dark all day
wondering if she even saw it
and hoping she was too nervous to answer

Then of course there are the friends who saw it
Busy and far away
Hoping you’re okay, hoping you get out enough
Maybe worrying you aren’t close enough to hang out
The invitation goes unanswered

As always
But you keep making it
Because you can remember those couple of nights
Where someone answered
Or where you answered,
Surprised the asker
Because as the creator of the open invitation
You know when someone posts one
They need someone as much as you always do


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