22/10/13 Adrenaline Rush

The burn outs and druggies
are paying for the same kind of chemical release
our bodies give naturally
They don’t seem to realize
all they’d need is a swift punch in the face
Maybe a small near death experience

So why go paying for it
searching in alleys and high schools
When there are so many ways to get it for free
naturally, all you need to do is sacrifice your morals
Boost up your bravery, get out there
Find your highs off life

Preferably in petty crimes
and quick get aways
kick up the economy
give the cops real criminals to chase after
The ones hurting others
like big box stores

and let the ones hurting themselves
waste away in a meth house somewhere
Fade into oblivion as no one will remember them
No records of their climb to nothing
They deal with themselves


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