21/10/13 The Gothic

The horror will consume you
swallow you up
like Frankenstein’s lust for knowledge
Dorian’s need for perfection
The beautiful and intellectual will both fall
Because of the greed in their eyes
the lengths they take to get these things
that No man should have

Horror is not what they strive for
It’s what we look to them for
it pushes us away as the experience should
But what is it that brings us back
what is that strange desire we feel
Again and again to become Hyde
to create unnatural life
to sell our soul
The adrenaline and the rush control us
The fuel we need to fend off a lion

It becomes more about the evil
than it does about the reward
We get a cheap thrill
Commit a crime that will take our freedom
Which is a cheap price to pay
When we see them burning up
Or freezing into lifelessness
Lying on the floor, gone

It may be the easy path
To experience this through a book
But sometimes it’s about the destination
not the journey
And scrawled in ink we can see simple similarities
To our lives, our lusts, our greeds
And maybe we can learn a lesson before
We are eaten by our own creation
by our own passions
by the fuel we need to expereince


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