18/10/13 Subway Stream Sonnet

You can see her hair blow in the warm subway stream
As your eyes get blinded by the wind, nose filled with stale
air, You stumble closer to her so you can get in the same car
You sit across the way from her, the seat next to her is empty

It’s easy to imagine the fantasy of talking to her
But no one goes to the subway to look for the love of their life
The subway is just the quickest way to get around the city
Not some place where girls go to look nice

Beautiful people shouldn’t be allowed on the subway
Beneath the ground should be beneath their standards
The world needs to recognize they are better than us regular people
To be kept where god shines his rays, not where he hides his rats

The gorgeous girls should see the bright morning sun
While us lonely, dirty guys fester in the dark underground


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