17/10/13 The Girl from The Movies

The girl from the movies
You know the one
Who’s always uninterested
She seems to know everything about you
Yet knows nothing about herself
She’s mysterious and edgy
And although she doesn’t give a shit about anything
You seem to bring out the best in her
She slowly but surely becomes a developed character
All because you showed up

The one who is purely fictional
Yet you still tell people she is your celebrity crush
and you will always have that crush on her
And love real girls who seem to be her
Or even just look like her

But real life has never been like the movies
No matter how much you act like it is
You wish the film would stop rolling sometimes
So you could put down the idea of this dream girl
Then you’d be free, you could find a real girl
But you realize you have no idea what that means

Some girls look the same
Yet they don’t act the same
Some girls talks to you
While others don’t even seem to see you
You don’t know what you like
They’re all so different
“Beautiful in their own way”

But none of them are your fictional movie star
Surviving the inevitable end
Beating the odds
Being flirty yet not slutty
None of them will magically understand you
like she does.


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