15/10/13 The Prescription

I got a prescription made for me today
so I can start feeling better right away.
I can start pumping my body full of chemicals
That it didn’t have enough of when it was created.
I was an imperfect project, incomplete from the start.
With the right balance I’ll be a new me.
If thats what I want.

Maybe this is who I am,
Who I was meant to be.
Life isn’t supposed to be easy.
Life is unfair and this is what I was given.
How can it be right to change who I am.
What the fuck will I write about?
Will I worry anymore?

But I have the choice.
I have the antidote now,
I just need to fill it.
I have the dagger,
I just need to choose when to cut.
For now I am fine
And I can’t think of a time 
When I’ll need to cash this
get out of life free card.
For now the prescription
burns a hole in my wallet.


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