14/10/13 After the Climax

After the climax was the falling action
The weeks spent in my room
Hearing creaks of the house
Instead of the faint foot falls I used to hear
No being checked on or worried about

I can’t remember what I did over the past few weeks
But the image of my bedroom ceiling is burned into my eyes
Her voice is impossible to hear in my mind
Her face is all over my room
Like it was all over the windshield
Family pictures and high school photos
Anything I could find brought here
and laid out for me to mourn over
To obsess over
They would find me and they would know why

The phone was disconnected.
Or I assume it was since it stopped ringing years ago
The power will go out soon, I assume
If no one takes care of me how can I take care of anything.
Maybe in the darkness I will find rest
My mind hasn’t felt rest for centuries

The doctor said I was perfectly okay
The psychologist said otherwise
The resolution is my death


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