11/10/13 Strike III

I’m on strike three
And it’s hard to remember how to swing these days
How will I save myself when I’ve already
Been through so much of my life
When I’ve already changed so much

Because of him, or her, or me
What if you lose yourself?
It already feels like you can’t go on
This time won’t be easier
It just gets harder
Life is unfair

You’ll lose so much if it goes wrong
You fear change but it’s inevitable
You need to adapt as you did before
Conform even though you never have
Feel even though you’ve forget how

You can’t breeze through life on this ridiculous set of rules
You set for yourself
No one lives that way
and there’s a good reason for it

Those who have can’t remember what the sun looks like
Can’t remember what it’s like to have friends who care for you
Haven’t felt love since the last time they had a heart
They are empty just like you will be

Waiting isn’t a plan, just a game of hide and seek
But they will come for you
The third strike is yours to take
Unless you decide to swing
Or let it all pass by
In an instant you will make a choice
And your life will move on
Or stop abruptly.


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