6/10/13 Hope and Wait

I haven’t been wanting to get my hopes up
lately, so I’ve been bringing myself down.
It helps to have those friends that rag on you
Tell you you’re a bad person and a waste of a life
And to have those enemies that hate you
because you are who you are.

When you think to the past it’s always the bad moments that stand out
Each good memory can remind me of a reason why I hated
everyone I used to like
The people I spent years with.
I keep my expectations low so I don’t get disappointed.
But that just offends and ridicules the people I mean to like.

How will I know what’s good and true if I always decide to
ignore and pass by all the opportunities.
Good things will come to those who wait
Only if the ones waiting are ready to pounce
But most of the chances stride by
and waiting becomes lonely

Just up until waiting becomes death
A death all alone.


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