2/10/13 Stud

One day I’ll get a piercing
A few years later I’ll see it under my dresser
And remember who I was back then.
Who my friend was watching me get it.
Which girl called me after she saw the photo.
And who said I looked awesome with it.

I’ll remember the choices that brought me here.
Away from that friend and from that girl.
I’ll remember which girl told me to stop wearing the piercing.
Which tattoo she told me not to get
And how angry she was we I got it anyway.
I’ll remember the freedom of going out with my friend that night.
The same friend who says I cried when I got the piercing
Wonders how much I cried during the tattoo.

The memories will stay with me.
And thats why I wear that piercing
Not where I got it, but around my neck.
I can remember that friend who’s gone away.
He tells me the funniest stories
The kind of story I always try to one up
But no matter what I can’t make up enough lies to beat his next one.

These stories I tell my new friend
When they asked about the dangly bit of metal around my neck.
They wonder how someone so amazing
Can know someone even cooler
I tell them I learned everything from him.
He says the same thing.
We live in this weird loop and seem to make sure everyone knows about it.

I won’t remember the girls
I won’t remember where the piercing even was
But I will remember
my friend who told me it looked ridiculous


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