1/10/13 The Golden Age

Childhood was a time we can all look back at
And wonder, who the hell were we?
What were we THINKING?
The pictures are ridiculous and we were monsters
Our friends didn’t know us
And all we ever did was play in the dirt.
Or build up towers of blocks
Call each other names
No real drama or emotion.
We had no ambitions in life.
Learning was optional but fun was necessary.

But thats the thing, thats what we all remember
Thats what it means to be a kid.
To not have a care in the world.
To wait until you grow up, then be terrified.

It was the best part of my life.
Having all the friends I could ever want
Ones who looked up to me and were always around.
I became a leader and it stuck with me
My creativity drove us.
We played my games and created my worlds.
We all enjoyed whatever I came up with.
The world opened up for me
And I learned so many things that have stuck with me.
My childhood creativity is a device I keep with me today.

That was my golden age.
Before real life crept in
And reminded me this is all I have
That one day I need to grow up
And I need to worry.
The 17 years of care free fun caught up with me.
And hit me all at once.


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