1/10/13 The Gift

She gave it to him as a gift.
He was immediately offended.
She never tried and this definitely wasn’t an exception.
How could this mean anything to either of them.
He did his best to give a fake smile,
but he tried about as hard as she ever did.
This would be the beginning of the end.
This is when it became a symbol.

She would worry about it every night.
Make subtle hints he’d avoid.
It was easier for him to ignore it, the end was near.
When the confrontation happened he told her.
There was nothing but the truth, the truth isn’t always the best choice.

When it ended he moved on, he returned some items.
But the gift stayed with him.
He dreamed of a ceremony with his friends.
Burning old pictures and sending them off to sea.
The gift transformed into something he would come to love.
A target for his grief.

Sat with his friends they’d all take shots and take shots.
Turns at expressing themselves.
Talking about the future and happiness.
How this was only beginning.
Over the summer the gift became a centrepiece
for deep talks, gossip and gatherings.

When we see each other now we all sit
and share while we take turns
Putting holes in the gift that we barely remember as a gift.
Although she gave it to him he remembers it for the memories
It’s given to him.
The group meetings with friends
talking about new people and new experiences.
Wondering how the old friends are doing
But never to the point of asking.
We always move forward and rarely look back.


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