30/9/13 Private Conversations

Well do YOU go to anyone for comfort?
Well I did.
It cost me Two Hundred dollars a session.
Now I just write and hide under it.
No one really questions it.
And I make it through each day.
Thats what matters right?
______________________________________Sept. 12
Hey, I didn’t see you last night.
I didn’t go, I was comfy at home.
You should get out more.
Yeah, next time.
______________________________________Sept. 14
Hey, are you going to come out this time?
Guess I won’t waste my time looking for you.
______________________________________Sept. 15
Sorry, I was out with some other friends last night.
Oh okay thats great.
It’s good you’re getting out.
You are getting out right, don’t just lie to me about it
I don’t ever see you anymore
Or with anyone.
A bunch of us miss you.
We’ve been worried
I’ve been fine.
You need to get out.

I’ll get out when I need to.
I’ll let it out when I need to.
You aren’t the right people.
But you are reaching out.
You seem to care but how can I believe.
When you’re thousands of miles away.
When you’re drunk in my arms.
When I see your fake smile.
The time will come, when I will be fine.
And I doubt you will be there.
I can do this myself.


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