29/9/13 The Stories it Tells

On a drunken Tuesday night
You gave me the only physical contact
I ever got as a child.
The hit stings a lot less
than the memories I still have of it today.

At the party it seemed to be the only way
To get out there and talk to people.
You end up making these friends you can’t stand
Unless you drink with them.
You’re never yourself these days.

You had a bit too much that night.
You did things you regret.
You didn’t even know his name and you never will.
That night gave you him and you wonder about
How things would be different if you took it slower.

You ended up here because of it.
You ended up broke because of it.
You run wild and explore
Starving, cold and mindless
hoping one day someone finds you
and treats you like the human being you are.
But all you ever get is money
and your loneliness just turns into more alcohol.


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