You have no idea how difficult it is to sleep in this bed that isn’t mine.
Away form everything comfortable and known.
Surrounded by your friends, people who told you
they like, love you, want to get to know you
but it still seems like you’re unsafe. You’re alone.
The door isn’t the one you normally hide behind.

You know when you wake up you’ll have to go back out there.
You’ll have to do it every day of your life.
And bigger things will come that will scare you, haunt you for weeks.
Life changing events you’ll want to hide from, even if it means following your dreams.
The world terrifies you yet you want to explore all of it.
You constantly jump out of your bowl
Only to end up on the floor dying, drowning
In the fresh air and adventure you seek so much.
You’re the cartographer who wants to map the world from his living room.


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