26/9/13 The Climax

After the car crash
we all wait around
The cars go by and wonder whats happened
at the side of the road
All of them wear concern on their faces
the world crumbles beneath us
and the wreckage sits in front of us.

Splintered and bent
So much more has happened
than just two cars colliding
and thousands of dollars in damage
The insurance will cover it I’m told
My world has been turned
spun and rolled, over the edge

The metal structure meant to protect
impacted her skull
quick and painless
but it seems like I watched it for an eternity
through watery vision
It cut through her memories
and killed so much more
in so many others.
My eyes only closed as I was hit
I never felt the metal pierce me.

The man at the other end
was dead before the impact
before the swerve and the wooden divider
Never even saw us but
I can remember a freeze frame
of his face
foaming from the mouth
I see him twitching in the nanoseconds
eyes blank but still open

On the ground in front of me
I see the orange bottle in a white circle
The same I used this morning
The same I use
To keep that man’s thoughts out of my head

The same I will go home to tonight
hold in my hand
and wonder how I will go on without her
These cars that drive by wonder if everyone is alright
But who is left
at the end of the day
To wonder if I will be alright


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