23/9/13 Cub Coming Up

“Some who said he drank”
The ones he was close to.
Or the ones he needed to talk to but just couldn’t
without the liquid confidence.
The ones he couldn’t stand without it.
The ones he was comfortable around
Could tell them anything
when his barriers came down.

“Some who said he never drank”
The ones he knew enough about
To know he shouldn’t let loose around them
They’d hear what he really had to say about them
And he wouldn’t hear much from them after that.
The ones who knew him before he broke.
Before he felt like an alcoholic every time he drank
When he learned it was easier to say hello.
When he wanted to make new friends.
Meet new people, talk to the girl.
When he couldn’t just sit and have a conversation.
Without needing to leave the room every five minutes.
The people who knew him on the outside.
Now people don’t know what he is at all.


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