22/9/13 Lowest Common Denominator

If I ever crack these are the people to go first.
The shitty music and loud voices
talking about their hopes and dreams
to the guy who just wants to get it in.
Cramming my brain full of angry thoughts and anxiety.
The scum of the earth. A cesspool of personalities.
So damp and lifeless they must’ve drowned ages ago.
No one I’d ever consider a friend.

It’s easy to sit and watch the stupidity of alcohol.
Well as long as you’re wasted yourself
When the buzz wears off and the people
around you are too self absorbed to
Offer you a simple drink so you can stand their company
You bail on your friends, they enjoy what you can’t stand.
You feel so much better away from everyone.
Solitude is my sanctuary. No matter how alone it gets.


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