21/9/13 New Friends, No Face

That one drunk night where you went with all your friends
To meet your new friends
new relationships were made, some you were a part of
some you weren’t.
Everyone was jolly and the music was good.

So then how come when you get home it all stops.
The world reminds you were you are.
Who you are, how you are.
You remember the fun parts.

Sharing your interests.
Hearing how great you are.
How people like you, even though you’re a cunt.
Without you the party wouldn’t be the same.
Without you people wouldn’t be who they are today
People are themselves around you.

Yet you are never yourself with them.
Always hiding, never hinting.
Never showing what you think and feel.
It seems so hard for people to ask
Or to believe your life isn’t fine.
Your life is far from perfect.
No matter how much you know, no one else will.


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