18/9/13 So Life starts

My anatomy of life has been built into stages.
These stages i can remember starting from my childhood.
Or I guess I can not remember, for this is the first stage.
The forgotten is something we all share.
For none of us remember.
How we met our family and friends.
The first time we smiled.
Or how much we cried.

But that is just the start of life.
Barely even the beginning.
For the first things I can remember
are the making of friends and the strange
relationships that wouldn’t last.
Cutesy little play times with girls
And manly destruction derbies with blocks.
I also remember solitude.
All the time I spent alone.
By choice, there was nothing easier.
Than enjoying the quiet
And being alone.
While having so much around me
In thought, imagination, and hallucination.


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