16/9/13 The World, The End

You’re unusual that way
Taking fear and twisting it into excitement
Making life a challenge instead of an
experience fear and
Learn how difficult it can be
When you deal with every thing in life

Instead of ignorance you practice
omniscience, and it scares you
How the world can be the worst place
But still it is the only place
No matter how much you want to run
You will always be here
On the worst place in the world

In the end one can only do so much
And when the end comes will it be your fault?
No one will turn to you and wonder
Why didn’t you do more
Why didn’t you SAVE the world
One person can make a difference
In the land of make believe

When it comes to the end we won’t be here
Our kids won’t be here
No one will remember your name
It will come and nothing will be remembered
I mean thats why its the end
Because every story has to have one


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