So you’re suicidal
You think this is it
nothing more you’d like to try
You hit your low and you’re going nowhere

It’s okay we understand
No one really liked you anyway
You never got gifts for your birthday
No one says hi to you
Wonders how you are
Do you even know what a friend is

If you think this is life
And you’re truly tired of it
I guess it is YOUR choice to die
It’s simple, just a rope or a gun
Wait where would you get a gun?
You’d have to talk to someone
Maybe a rope or your parent’s pills
Would be easier to get

Oh sorry you want me to stop you?
You want help
Okay well I mean if I’m not going to stop you
Who would?
Maybe talk to someone else
One of those hundreds of people
Who care about you
Who would miss you
Who know you’re making a the biggest mistake
To end your life
I mean its the only thing you got

I’m sorry I can’t help you
You’ve come to the wrong place.
I’ll have to ask you to leave.


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