12/9/13 The Friends we used to have

As the evening passes I think of the nights
I spent with friends
Each one still close
Each night reminding me

Of those times on the porch
dozing and drinking
ragging on each other
to become closer
Remembering no matter what we do
we’ll always remember each other
No matter how long we will still wonder
What our friends are doing now
And we will be able to call without hesitation

With the nights we remember the days
Of crashing metal and dusty hillsides
cracking ceramic and bursts of laughter
the graveyard we made
of things meant for nothing

Our twisting path home from school
With a memory at every corner
and a story for every scar we made
a burned doll hung from a tree
a torn up couch next to the train tracks
The initiations and complications

Even apart we can share these evenings together
Even apart we can remember

The friend we don’t mention anymore
the people we don’t see anymore
The stories we still tell and
The memories we don’t make anymore


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