Go West for Love

It seems like an ocean
when really I could walk to you
who vibrates the air so beautifully
adds meaning to nothing
shines on the other coast

Reach for it, live for it
they’ve taught and told me
without any knowledge of me and her
as I have no thoughts of her
with substance or me

She who burns bright
Smiles brighter
radiates each day in confidence or beauty
brings laughter and laughs enough
for those who don’t

She who lives west
who knows nothing of me
lives freely
to see a world
We miss each day


Black Widow

Life will tell her.
sell her on a better one
Who she will love for
days he will remember
till his time comes

his end can bring new life
while he will decompose
he will propose
a better one for her
to take such a chance
one final dance
for him would be it

his end will bring new life
someone else to be her wife
a different take on the same toll
changing a role to change the
roll of dice, she was nice
but she never was

One to settle down
Give up her crown
She’d always be ready to
wait for you


I never thought life was so short
to not have the time to find another
one who could call me and call
me a love without such an abrupt end
without words after
where I could tell her I’d feel the same way
just maybe not that day
yet with seasons changing and you leaving
I never thought love was so short


You don’t see my off days
screaming into the mirror
singing your praise
wondering when you’ll
see me again
Waiting for when
I don’t know your face
I’ve given up chase
You never told me about him
waiting for when
I wouldn’t care
about you anymore

Where cold hearts thrive

It’s always winter
sprouts grow
Frost shatters and slows
Cutting through
Only surface deep
to create such wonderful pictures
which I’ll never know

We sleep through time
To keep our warmth together

It’s always winter
Cold sticks with me
Through seasons to
come Beds lay empty and unmade
Notes left and notes left
Sores ache and hearts tire
To such bleak setting Suns
burn for someone
But not I who sleeps without
sleeps always


I’m sorry to say this but
I haven’t been the same since you
have a face I can’t figure
out of time and out of place I’d
never forget you each second.

Can you find me
someone to love like you
never loved me.

I’ve found nothing new
I’ve found an empty house
an empty mind
The quiet kills
as you did time and time again
Your screams could keep me sane.

A Sad Chapter

Each line can denote
Something learned about your self
Or an experience over the last year

Just allow your mind to wander
and think upon what steps meant
how the time ticked by
What did you let pass
Who did you let go

When did you decide
To stop here when the end of the year
Showed you the final page

This was the last one for you